Healed Woman Drawing

Portrait Drawing of middle aged womanI wanted to practice drawing a face and our printer isn’t working so well so I looked through a magazine. I found perfect black and white photo of a middle aged woman in a medicine advertisement. It took about 3 3 hour sessions. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s the most realistic sketch I’ve done. Not that realistic equals good but it’s nice to hone that skill for when you need it.

April Showers – Acrylic Painting

April Showers - Acrylic Painting by Jason CampbellMy wife found an image in a magazine of a girl dancing wearing a really elegant dress and suggested that it would be a good idea for a painting. I did my own spin on the dress adding red, yellow, yellow-green and blue. While painting the back ground I went a little to heavy with the water and got drips. After they dried they looked really neat so I left them in and traced them to define them more. I’m learning more and more to let the painting become something naturally instead of forcing it to fit an exact idea. Art is all about discovery.

So this painting is all about rain, life, flowers and dancing. I personally love the rain… and am hoping nor-cal gets some more soon!

Portrait of Crystal

A Portrait of Crystal by Jason Campbell - fine art acrylic paintingMy friend commissioned me to do a portrait of her. I just bought a tube of Yellow Ochre which worked out perfect for her hair and high lights on her face. I had to hype up the colors a little to give it some life. As my teacher Mick Sheldon said I’m a “Natural born expressionist”. Red and red-orange against the blue-green back ground gives it excitement and Crystal has that in her personality for sure!

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