I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I’ve worked since I was a paper boy as a kid. I love to go to sleep at night knowing I’ve accomplished something. I am the oldest of ten kids. This taught me from an early age that if we worked together we could use all of our gifts and talents to do great things.

Photo of Jason Campbell eating ice cream.As a kid I loved computers. I used to type all the lines of code into my old Commodore 64 to get the little ball to bounce around the screen. In a kind of odd combination I also loved to draw and color. Web and graphic design give me the perfect atmosphere to mix technology with design satisfying both sides of my brain.

In my free time I like to explore my purely creative side by painting. Some would completely separate this from graphic design work but as I heard in a lecture one time… this is what fuels creativity to use in all areas of design.

Technical info:

Name: Jason T. Campbell

Location: Sacramento, California