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AMPto11 Content Management System

I designed a simple CMS that uses JSON files for a database and outputs static content. Drop it onto any PHP host and use it immediately. It is designed for AMP pages but can be used for regular web pages too. The content editor is element based so your HTML stays minimal and clean. The CMS also features databases and database page templates to make database sites easy.

Git Hub:


  • Page Editor
  • Database Editor
  • Database Add Entry
  • Data base page editor
  • HTML Module Editor
  • PHP Module Editor
  • Image Admin
  • Lighthouse Score

HTML5 – Christmas Ornament Design App

HTML5 Christmas Ornament Design App

This app uses HTML5 and JQuery’s boiler plate for mobile. This allows you to color an ornament with your finger our mouse. I added a bunch of options including different shaped brushes, a color picker, brush softness, transparency and stamp images. With PHP and MySQL i store these files and user information in a database and display them on a tree I designed using Adobe Illustrator and CSS.

HTML5 – Airplane Game

HTML5 Airplane Game

You can only miss three coins before the game is over. Collect as much cash money as you can (no its not real money… sorry 🙂
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Word Press Plug-In

JTC Slides BannerI designed this plug-in for Word Press. It is a slider with left hand navigation boxes. Similar to slideshows on sites like Wayfair. This is a light weight plug-in. I coded it so that the Javascript file will only load on pages with the slideshow short code. Most Word Press plug-ins have javascript files that load on every page.

The slideshow is also highly customizable. You can change colors, height and widths (navigation and image box). Also with parameters in the short code you can change the width at which the slideshow stacks for a better mobile experience. You can also change the background color of the slide box.

Demo | Word Press Plug In Page | Documentation

HTML5 – Random Image CreatorHTML5 Random Image Maker

Pick a back ground (BG) color and a foreground (FG) color and push “go” or “add more” to make an image.
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