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HTML5 Christmas Ornament Design AppHTML5 – Christmas Ornament Design App
This app uses HTML5 and JQuery’s boiler plate for mobile. This allows you to color an ornament with your finger or mouse. I added a bunch of options including different shaped brushes, a color picker, brush softness, transparency and stamp images. With PHP and MySQL i store these files and user information in a database and display them on a tree I designed using Adobe Illustrator and CSS.
Easter Egg Coloring App
HTML5 – Easter Egg Coloring App
Color the egg easily with your finger or mouse. Then save, share on facebook, google +, twitter, email etc. You can also download and print your egg. It will also be added to the egg gallery for others to admire.
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simple social media siteSocial Cake (social media site)
For fun I made a my own little Social Media site. I had imagined it being a kind of portfolio piece but anyone is welcome to use it. I wanted to design something simple and easy to use. In addition to adding a photo, link or text you can also add a sketch with my HTML 5 drawing tool. I am using PHP, Javascrip/JQuery, MYSQL, Ajax and of course HTML. Check it out!Click Here
HTML5 Airplane Game
HTML5 – Airplane Game
You can only miss three coins before the game is over. Collect as much cash money as you can (no its not real money… sorry ๐Ÿ™‚
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HTML5 Random Image Maker
HTML5 – Random Image Creator
Pick a back ground (BG) color and a foreground (FG) color and push “go” or “add more” to make an image.
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