Healed Woman Drawing

Portrait Drawing of middle aged womanI wanted to practice drawing a face and our printer isn’t working so well so I looked through a magazine. I found perfect black and white photo of a middle aged woman in a medicine advertisement. It took about 3 3 hour sessions. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s the most realistic sketch I’ve done. Not that realistic equals good but it’s nice to hone that skill for when you need it.

Ancient Flame – Acrylic Painting

Anchient Flame by Jason Campbell - Acrylic on CanvasIn this painting I wanted to capture fire in a cubist or modular type of way. I tried to bring out the triangular shapes we see in fire and make a type of rhythm out of it. Also, I wanted to show the luminosity and vivid color of a light source within the flame. The light source comes from the center, similar to Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters.

The name “Ancient Flame” comes from the idea of a flame with in all of us that was lit long ago. It’s a passion that causes us to create. A force that causes us to strive to contribute to the world and not just to worry about our own life.

Like always, you may have a whole different interpretation and that is great! I am just presenting an idea that you can run with and hopefully be inspired by.

Mortal Cage – acrylic painting on canvas

Mortal Cage - fine art painting by Jason T Campbell
Mortal Cage – painting by Jason T Campbell

One of my more scary (add some scary music here… or a good metal band :)) paintings just in time for halloween. I used complimentary colors red and green with a little red orange and green yellow thrown in.

There isn’t a super specific meaning. Thinking what to name it, I noticed the rib cage really looked like a cage and along with most paintings of sculls and bones it represents mortality. I personally believe someday we will be released from our mortal cage. In my humble opinion… we think spiritual therefore we are spiritual beings. Halloween seems to remind us of the spiritual realm.

And even if you don’t agree I hope you enjoy the painting anyway. 🙂

Realms Music/Art Video

This is a song with an electronica/hip hop type of sound (with my own twist). It is on the subject of dreaming of different places and ideas. In excess, day dreaming could be bad but in the right context it is very important in our mental and spiritual lives.

I made the music using public domain samples. The video uses a photo I took in Yosemite California with photoshop editing that I did frame by frame. The lyrics were also written and performed by me.

April Showers – Acrylic Painting

April Showers - Acrylic Painting by Jason CampbellMy wife found an image in a magazine of a girl dancing wearing a really elegant dress and suggested that it would be a good idea for a painting. I did my own spin on the dress adding red, yellow, yellow-green and blue. While painting the back ground I went a little to heavy with the water and got drips. After they dried they looked really neat so I left them in and traced them to define them more. I’m learning more and more to let the painting become something naturally instead of forcing it to fit an exact idea. Art is all about discovery.

So this painting is all about rain, life, flowers and dancing. I personally love the rain… and am hoping nor-cal gets some more soon!

Work On Display At Colfax Greek Bistro

Art At Colfax Greek BistroMy work is on display at Colfax Greek Bistro the whole month of January.
Check out the art and have some good good!
Colfax Greek Bistro
30 N. Main Street
Colfax, California 95713
Phone (530) 305-4050
Email colfaxgreekbistro@gmail.com
Websites https://www.facebook.com/GreekBistroAtColfax


Love & Money

Love & Money - by Jason Campbell - acrylic painting on canvasThis was an idea that came to me when I was looking at coins. I am a little bit of a coin collector. I have coins from all over the world. And I started to think about all the times that “love” and “money” are used together. “Can’t Buy Me Love” is a song by Paul McCartney… “ For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10… etc. In a way they are opposites but in another way money can obviously be used to show love in giving the those in need. Anyway, I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts on it.

Lake Tahoe Peninsula

Lake Tahoe Peninsula by Jason Campbell I recently went on a retreat to Lake Tahoe and took some photos. This is a painting based on one of the photos.
While painting it I looked at other paintings of landscapes for inspiration in my art books and at the Crocker Art Museum. It’s interesting that everyone paints the sky and water a little differently. I guess you could classify them as “more realistic” and “more expressionistic” but maybe it is just that everyone sees them a little different. You never know exactly what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes… because you aren’t them.