“Night Owls” (Sculpture Painting)

"Night Owl" fine art painting by Jason CampbellInstead of doing a separate sculpture I decided to carve into a piece of wood. It gives it the look of thick impasto with out using a ton of paint. Also from far away it is hard to tell what is carved and what is a 3D effect from the paint. They say paintings are “lies” in a way (tricking you into believing it is a window into another world) … so this is only a half “lie”. A little white lie. 🙂

Painting Sculpture “A Finger in Reality”

"A Finger in Reality" fine art painting by Jason CampbellExploring the world of 3D art a little bit in this sculpture/painting. I carved the finger out of wood and attached it before I painted it. It was fun to watch people stare at it at the gallery show. I look forward to doing more. I like not being limited to a flat canvas.

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