The Art Institute of Chicago

I took a little vacation to Chicago. Had a great time. I checked out the website before I left but I had no idea the Art Institute had so many amazing painting. Almost all of my favorites were there. I could have spent the whole week going back. But I’m glad I got out. It really is a beautiful city with amazing architecture. I’ll post my other pictures next.

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The Haggin Museum

Made a little Saturday trip to the Haggin Museum. It was well worth the drive. The building and park that is located in is beautiful. They didn’t have anything that was super modern but they do have an amazing Renoir and Gauguin. Also some native American pottery and clothes. I’ll be going back for sure. You can learn a lot from the old masters. Oh, and some work by J.C. Leyendecker who is some what similar to Norman Rockwell. Obviously he is a little more artistic. It probably crosses the line into illustration a little… but … why not… I thought his technique was interesting. 🙂

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