Word Press Plug-In Slideshow

I designed this plug-in for Word Press. It is a responsive slideshow with left hand navigation boxes. It is similar to slideshows on sites like Wayfair.

This is a light weight plug-in and highly customizable. You can change colors, height and widths (navigation and image box). Also with parameters in the short code you can change the width at which the slideshow stacks for a better mobile experience. You can also change the background color of the slide box.

And it’s free! Enjoy 🙂

Demo | Word Press Plug In Page | Documentation

JTC Slides Screen Shot Front End JTC Slides Screen Shot Back End Slide Edit JTC Slides Screen Shot Back End JTCSlides Screen Shot Mobile

Easter Egg Coloring App

Easter Egg Coloring AppTry my latest invention… the Easter Egg coloring web app. Color the egg easily with your finger or mouse. Then save, share on facebook, google +, twitter, email etc. You can also download and print your egg. It will also be added to the egg gallery for others to admire.

Three easy steps…

  1. Go to artistpeeps.com/apps/easter-egg
  2. Use your finger (mobile phone or tablet) or mouse (desktop) to color the egg
  3. Push “Save/Share” to….  you guessed it… save it and share it however you like


  • Color: Choose a color to paint on your egg
  • Size: Adjust the size of your painting brush
  • Opacity: Adjust the opacity/transparency of your paint
  • Brush: Choose the shape of your brush (circle, star or splatter/spots)
  • Save/Share: Save and share your egg image on social media and download the image if you wish

This is a Web App. No need to download anything.

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