Lady of the Lake

"Lady of the Lake" by Jason T. Campbell - fine art painting - acrylic on canvasHad a lot of fun doing this one. It was hard to stop… but I think I’m done. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s 22 x 28 inches which is pretty big for me. I found a couple images from the web and used the basic elements and shading but then did my own thing. As we all know cameras flatten things out. So I attempted to add back gradients. And of course I added extra colors. As my teacher Mick said…. I’m a natural expressionist. ha ha

The Silver Spoon

"The Silver Spoon" by Jason Campbell - fine art painting - acrylic on canvasThis painting was inspired by Magritte and Christo‘s work with sheets of canvas and a little bit by the Occupy Movement. I didn’t intend for it to be for or against them. But I think they bring up an interesting observation that there is a small percentage of people with a lot of wealth. And with politics aside I think they have a responsibility, should they choose to except it, to help their fellow humans in need. Like the old saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Still Life with Apple and Bottle

"Still Life with Apple and Bottle" fine art painting by Jason CampbellAfter taking my Modern Art History class at American River College by Ken Magri, I was really challenged to spend more time with my paintings. Some artists would spend a month on a painting. Although Van Gogh boasted he did a painting in a day and of course it look GORGEOUS, I don’t want to use that as an excuse to not spend more time with mine. So this is the start of spending more time with a painting. It may be making it realistic or just experimenting like de Kooning. Not that I’m at ashamed of the rest of my work. Each painting is part of the journey so I love them all.

“Night Owls” (Sculpture Painting)

"Night Owl" fine art painting by Jason CampbellInstead of doing a separate sculpture I decided to carve into a piece of wood. It gives it the look of thick impasto with out using a ton of paint. Also from far away it is hard to tell what is carved and what is a 3D effect from the paint. They say paintings are “lies” in a way (tricking you into believing it is a window into another world) … so this is only a half “lie”. A little white lie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Painting Sculpture “A Finger in Reality”

"A Finger in Reality" fine art painting by Jason CampbellExploring the world of 3D art a little bit in this sculpture/painting. I carved the finger out of wood and attached it before I painted it. It was fun to watch people stare at it at the gallery show. I look forward to doing more. I like not being limited to a flat canvas.

The Decision

"The Decision" a painting/sculpture by artist Jason CampbellMy first sculpture/painting “The Decision”. It’s on display at this show!

“Dreams: Real and Surreal Visions of Pleasure, Pain, Joy, and Dread” a group exhibition which runs from October 17th through November 9th, 2011. Opening Reception Tuesday October 18th at noon. Photos coming soon. Also, look for the “End of the World” calendar created by Mick Sheldon’s students which will be on sale in the gallery shortly.


"Tears" by Jason Campbell - acrylic on canvasThis painting is dedicated to the victims of Sex Trafficking happening in the US and around the world. Be aware and help out how you can. I’ll give a link and I am sure there are other organizations out there.

I consider it important to bring awareness to issues in some of my paintings. William Blake depicted the horrible mistreatment of slaves in some of his paintings. So it’s not an original idea but one I want to help carry on.

The Fall

"The Fall" by Jason Campbell - acrylic on canvas paintingA surreal landscape using a few objects in my room and the old imagination. I think the red-violet background gives it and interesting mystical atmosphere.

Don’t strain yourself to much on the “deeper meaning”. I like what a professor of mine told us in my graphic design class “Lead people down a path but don’t make everything obvious”. I enjoy songs that I don’t know the full meaning of… so why not a painting. The title will get you started. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ocean (abstract)

Painting "Ocean 1" by Artist Jason CampbellI had the abstract bug again. Something really cool about just being able to paint whatever you want. No limitations. However I did name it “Ocean” because toward the end I started to think about an article I read about the discovery of new sea creatures. It also mentioned that submarines can only go down so far so we don’t know what other creatures could be down there. So I thought “Hey maybe a creature like this cute little chubby guy could be down there” …. at least I think it’s cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have an amazing weekend!

Cogs and Threads

"Cogs and Threads" fine art painting by Jason Campbell - acrylic on canvasA surreal still life I guess you could call it. A collage of things I found around the house and laid out on my desk. I started out with the idea of traveling. Ended up kind of thinking about destiny.

It may be common knowledge but the secret ingredients to making things metalic is.
-Raw Umber

There I saved you a lot of money on buying metallic paint. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also I began to play around with alignment in this one. As humans we like things that are grouped and aligned (e.g. reading text)…. food for thought!