Storm Over Lake Tahoe

Storm Over Lake Tahoe PaintingI painted this bad boy from a picture that I took at a college retreat. Of course I added a little color to give it more emotion and make it more interesting. Also I used this cool gel stuff that makes the paint spread a little more like oil. But it is acrylic on canvas. I’m gonna make myself do a at least a few more landscapes before I move on. So more to come! I would say the inspiration of my style in this came from Georgia O’keefe, Marsden Hartley and of course Mr. Vincent Van Gogh.

Mount Hermon (by Santa Cruz) Painting

Mount Hermon PaintingI painted this on a hill at a college retreat I went on in the mountains by Santa Cruz, CA. It is acrylic on canvas. I experimented with changing colors from the actual colors (of course ha ha). I wanted to break out of trying to paint everything to look as real as possible. Have a little fun… and it was fun… and a cute little painting as some would say. 🙂

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