Lake Tahoe II

Lake Tahoe 2 (acrylic painting)Another painting from a bunch of pictures I took of Lake Tahoe. There was a storm coming in. It was amazing… but a little scary in an awesome way. 🙂

I worked to capture the light and it’s reflection and give the texture of the water.

Something very magical and beautiful about Lake Tahoe. I wish I could take a little vacation there and paint from straight observation….. maybe someday. 🙂


Painting of a tree and cropsI used a lot of burnt sienna on this one with some prussian blue, cool yellow green (lemon yellow and prussian blue) and various other earth tones. I think the warm burnt sienna pops out nicely. I’m working on giving my paintings lots of texture these days. I think that makes a more interesting and luscious painting.

When I first began to paint I was just looking to give things volume and create a good composition. Now that I feel more comfortable with that I’m moving on to texture which is really fun. Usually I get it by going back over something and running my brush strokes the opposite direction. I noticed Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne did that a lot. And of course I love their paintings. – Jason Campbell

Storm Over Lake Tahoe

Storm Over Lake Tahoe PaintingI painted this bad boy from a picture that I took at a college retreat. Of course I added a little color to give it more emotion and make it more interesting. Also I used this cool gel stuff that makes the paint spread a little more like oil. But it is acrylic on canvas. I’m gonna make myself do a at least a few more landscapes before I move on. So more to come! I would say the inspiration of my style in this came from Georgia O’keefe, Marsden Hartley and of course Mr. Vincent Van Gogh.

Mount Hermon (by Santa Cruz) Painting

Mount Hermon PaintingI painted this on a hill at a college retreat I went on in the mountains by Santa Cruz, CA. It is acrylic on canvas. I experimented with changing colors from the actual colors (of course ha ha). I wanted to break out of trying to paint everything to look as real as possible. Have a little fun… and it was fun… and a cute little painting as some would say. 🙂