Artists of Faith 6 Show

I have a couple pieces in this show this coming Saturday. It’s an honor to have my work on the flyer.

Fremont Presbyterian Church’s “Living Room” (former bookstore)
5770 Carlson Drive, Sacramento CA
Open to the public: Sat. Feb. 25, 5 pm – 9pm and Sun. Feb. 26, 9 am – 2 pm
Artists: Nancy Buckpitt, Nicole Romeo, Jason Campbell, Kate Brennan, Stephanie Gibbs, Beth Glaze, Bobby Cobbs, Coral MacLeod, Marcia House, Susan Curiel-Contreras, Karen Robinson, Bob Beckert, Marianne Gonzales, Adele Ohs, Lori Franz, Nancy Brow, Kathleen Armstrong-Silvera, Barbara Selland

The Art of Faith 4 – Art Show at Freemont Presbyterian in Sacramento

The Art of Faith 4 - Art Show FlyerI’ll have a brand new painting in this show called “Ancient Flame”. Only 3 people have ever seen it. 🙂

Saturday, February 21, 5pm-9pm
Sunday, February 22, 10am-2pm

at Freemont Presbyterian Church
Ferguson Hall, 5770 Carlson Drive
Sacramento, CA

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