Jason T. CampbellMy name is Jason T. Campbell. I dwell in Sacramento, CA with my lovely wife Jami. I am an artist, graphic designer and web designer. In a nutshell, I like to design. Whether it’s arranging objects in a painting to give it the right feel, adjusting text and images in graphic design or making a website user friendly, it comes down to design and problem solving. I enjoy doing both. I attended American River College where I worked hard for A.A.s in Art New Media and Liberal Arts as well as Certificates in Web Publishing, Graphic Design and Audio Production. I also took extra classes I was interested in and felt they would come in handy. I took photography, advanced painting and got into some hardcore computer programming when I took Java.

jtc logo 6-13Please, take time to check out the rest of my site. You can learn more about my skills (to pay the bills 🙂 in my CV/Resume. View my portfolio that I have divided into fine art, graphic design, web design and coding. See what I’ve been up to on my blog. Find out how much I charge for freelance work in pricing. Read more about me. Also feel free to contact me and add me on various social media sites….. Oh, and play with experiments in my lab.

Thank You,

p.s. Pop the balloons!

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