Ocean (abstract)

Painting "Ocean 1" by Artist Jason CampbellI had the abstract bug again. Something really cool about just being able to paint whatever you want. No limitations. However I did name it “Ocean” because toward the end I started to think about an article I read about the discovery of new sea creatures. It also mentioned that submarines can only go down so far so we don’t know what other creatures could be down there. So I thought “Hey maybe a creature like this cute little chubby guy could be down there” …. at least I think it’s cute. 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!

Cogs and Threads

"Cogs and Threads" fine art painting by Jason Campbell - acrylic on canvasA surreal still life I guess you could call it. A collage of things I found around the house and laid out on my desk. I started out with the idea of traveling. Ended up kind of thinking about destiny.

It may be common knowledge but the secret ingredients to making things metalic is.
-Raw Umber

There I saved you a lot of money on buying metallic paint. 🙂

Also I began to play around with alignment in this one. As humans we like things that are grouped and aligned (e.g. reading text)…. food for thought!

Portrait of Crystal

A Portrait of Crystal by Jason Campbell - fine art acrylic paintingMy friend commissioned me to do a portrait of her. I just bought a tube of Yellow Ochre which worked out perfect for her hair and high lights on her face. I had to hype up the colors a little to give it some life. As my teacher Mick Sheldon said I’m a “Natural born expressionist”. Red and red-orange against the blue-green back ground gives it excitement and Crystal has that in her personality for sure!

Meeting of the Magestic

Meeting of the Majestic - acrylic painting by Jason CampbellI always come back to surreal landscapes sooner or later. So fun to go off of almost 100% imagination. I’m tired of starting with a horizon line so I decided to paint what you would see above it in this mysterious world.

As far as the idea. I was thinking of very important people meeting in a simple natural place that was much more “bullet proof” then any building that could be built by man. This place isn’t accessible by anything motorized just a simple humble air balloon.

Yeah… and thought it would be a cool painting. ha ha