Available Paintings for Art Show

Realism (Or my version of it)

Caribbean Sailboat
Carribean Sale Boat Landscape Painting
April ShowersApril Showers - Acrylic Painting by Jason Campbell
Homeless Man
Homeless Man - Portrait Painting
Self Portrait
Self Portrait Painting
Lake Tahoe Peninsula
Lake Tahoe Peninsula - Landscape Painting
Broken Watch
Broken Watch Painting
Bridal Falls Yosemite


Ancient Flame
Anchient Flame by Jason Campbell - Acrylic on Canvas
Birth of a Phoenix
"Birth of a Pheonix" by Jason T. Campbell - acrylic painting on canvas
Guiding Fire
Guiding Flame Painting
Silver Spoon
"The Silver Spoon" by Jason Campbell - fine art painting - acrylic on canvas
TearsTears - Surreal Painting


Fragments of my Former Self
Fragments of my Formal Self - Surreal Painting
Preist - Cubist Painting
My Captain
My Captain - Surreal Painting
A Finger in Reality (Sculpture)
Finger in Reality - Surreal Sculpture
Composition O
Jason Campbell - Abstract CompositionO

Composition 2
Jason Campbell Abstract Composition 2

May not be suitable for some galleries

Game Over (Sculpture)Game Over - Sculpture


Mortal Cage
Mortal Cage - Surreal Painting
Abel - Surreal Painting
Night Owl
Night Owl - High Releif Sculpture