Meeting of the Magestic

Meeting of the Majestic - acrylic painting by Jason CampbellI always come back to surreal landscapes sooner or later. So fun to go off of almost 100% imagination. I’m tired of starting with a horizon line so I decided to paint what you would see above it in this mysterious world.

As far as the idea. I was thinking of very important people meeting in a simple natural place that was much more “bullet proof” then any building that could be built by man. This place isn’t accessible by anything motorized just a simple humble air balloon.

Yeah… and thought it would be a cool painting. ha ha


Leaf - by Jason T. Campbell - acrylic on canvasAnother surreal painting that are so fun to make. Lots of earth tones with spots of color. I was being creative and weird. Not much else to say. Let your mind wonder. 🙂

Monterey Bay (Final)

Monterey Bay by Jason Campbell acrylic paint on canvasFinished! As you can see I added more texture and made the line quality a little sharper. Hoping to do some more landscapes in this style. You learn or discover something new every time you  paint. It’s pretty addicting. 🙂

Monterey Bay (step 1)

Moneterey Bay Painting Step 1This is the first step in my painting of a picture I took in Monterey, California. Of course Monterey is gorgeous. I wanted to give it a very soft impasto feel. A little like Cy Twombly’s “Wilder Shores of Love”.


Portrait of a Homeless Man

painting of a homeless man by Jason CampbellThis is based on a picture I took from a homeless outreach I went to. Most of the homeless people there were very unique and expressive in how they dressed. Also most were very friendly and just liked to have someone listen to their stories, advise, etc.  I admire the volunteers who not only gave them food but took the time to get to know them and pray with them.


A Seed Planted

A Seed Planted by Jason Campbell“A Seed Planted”  Acrylic on Canvas (don’t worry the skull isn’t real… bought one of the plastic ones from the pre med department in the book store at American River College :). I’ll leave you to sort out the symbolism. It’s an idea I had from reading a verse in 1 Corinthians 15:42. I don’t feel pressured into making every painting I do symbolic of the hope I have. But what I am thinking about usually comes out in my paintings some how. Mainly I wanted to send the message of a life after death.

Also I wanted to do a painting in earth tones. I appreciate all the brilliant colors in paintings these days but their is also beauty in the old school earth tones used in all the old paintings. They were used because these paints were very cheap to make… all you needed was dirt. Color pigments were of course harder to get.

Something beautiful can be made from dirt!

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